invoke GetStartupInfo,ADDR startInfo
what I understood is that this invoke instruction fills the startupinfo structure with values from the parent process ...
so what is the parent process?! is it my main program ... if so then when did I fill my startupinfo for my main process?!
another thing that I'm confused about is ... is my program considered a process by itself ... I mean the simple window program from tutorial 3 is a process by itself or it has a process or it has nothng to do with processess?!

sorry for bothering you guys ... but I didn't understand this tutorial well ...I need some explanation please ... thanks in advance ...

regards ...code1101
Posted on 2002-05-12 19:46:35 by code1101
Any running program is considerd a process. When you call GetStartupInfo the info is returned for the process that called the function. If you didn't specify a STARTUPINFO structure when calling your main process (you didn't use CreateProcess) then I think it uses a default one.
Posted on 2002-05-13 03:44:22 by Kudos