Hi all!!!.

I was reading the stuff here, and I like that we make some like the ACM.

1) Introduction.

AIPARS stands for: Algorithms, ideas, problems and related stuff.

The point here will be:

For algorithms:

a) Provide Name of the algorithm.
b) Provide a description (short, long, like you whant). I think this is like the answer to the question.
c) Where born the idea or for what was developed or thinked for what problem (this is a lot related to b) where the problem born, become a explantion). But I think this is more like a question.
d) area of the base this is: math, encryption, graphics, NN, algebra, parsing, geometric, set Theory, etc. This point have little relation with c) here is more specific what was used for help in the solve or what theory or other was developed for solve the problem, IIRC for solve a problem related to OS born the semaphores.
e) areas of posible application this is when solved where you can find a application, for example a hash algorithm can of be help in the process of make a little part of an assembler like a table for acces the symbols.
* Like a extra you can give hints, notes or observations in the solve ;)
** analysis of pros and contras (with other related problems of the area).

Either of a) or b) or c) can be gived, and d) and e) are optional, and *, ** is a plus, eg:

only provide a) this is: TSP
only provide b) this is: Of a set give all the posible permitations for his elements.
only provide c) this is: how I can execute more than one process in a computer and share between them some resources and dont get corrupted the process or the data?.

For the ideas:

If you really whant to share a idea you can provide the description, or only put a question, I am not explicit here, if you whant to share a idea, then do it ;).

The problems:

This is related to c), normally a problem is gived like a question and normally have a b) and if you give a complete solution you can name your solution like TSP, RSA, BSP, Fill a poligon, etc.

Related stuff:

Any sugestions, a problem that you find some time a go to go in and learn, help, any related.

2) The rules.

a) Here is only a place for a), b), c), d), e), f), *, **, ideas, problems. Not solutions.
b) Try it out (think), some times is important that you know that there exist some problems and more some interesting way of solve, not only brute force that overload the computer.
c) Solutions:
c.1) You can provide solutions in a separate thread, you need first search if the solution is not provided in the moment that you will put your solution and you can follow this guide to put somewhere in your thread name this: AIPARS or aipars for Algorithms, ideas, problems and related stuff, this will help in the search when you whant to see a solution, or post a new one and let the other see that is related solution to AIPARS posted in this thread.
c.2) If there exist a solution (a related thread), dont dude post it!, if is really like other solution, then you can say, hey I get the same solution, but when I was entering to this solution I learned this. This is comment and recognogize to yourself what you have learned in this process of solve a new problem, pass fun time!!!.

3) the objetive.

Get fun time and time to think and grow-up.

Nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-11-11 07:54:44 by rea