my friend-programmer said that a desktop isn't the desktop i mean through getDC(NULL).
Hi asked me about spy++ but I have no the program.
in His opinion there are 3 or 4 windows opened at the clean desktop by explorer.exe
they create some of layers for icons ,background and other things.

is it true?
how many windows are opened at the clean desktop?
did anyone have a free tool like spy++?
Posted on 2003-11-12 06:32:43 by etn
SPY++ comes with MS Visual Studio
Posted on 2003-11-12 07:16:26 by Azrim
This is a nice small and efficient spy tool:
Posted on 2003-11-12 07:32:07 by pelaillo

This is a nice small and efficient spy tool:

I use this tool as well, very handy to debug with and is some cases test with as you can send *any* window it has captured a message. Another great use for it is when your laying out a new windows program and you want your controls to have "that look and feel that is similar to program XXX's controls". All you do is use this tool to hook on to the specific control and cut and past its STYLE and STYLE_EX flags. Done!

Posted on 2003-11-13 00:26:51 by NaN
lol 3 or 4 windows ....
My spy++ shows about 50 windows only from explorer.exe, and total of 200 more from 5 other programs. Win98SE here. I used spy++ to learn a lot about custom-controls' creation.
Posted on 2003-11-17 12:59:59 by Ultrano
Spy++ is very useful. I found a similar (but free) tool, but spy++ is better

The desktop is a ListView
Posted on 2003-11-17 13:55:39 by greenant