Hi guys, again popping around with some sort of problem, this time it has to do with universities and undergraduate programs.

I still have some doubts about what to study. I was looking last day the website of Walsh University of Ohio ( www.walsh.edu ) and I went to Academics, then to undergraduate programs > Science > computer science. However, I do not know how good is to study that career (computer science), if I am gonna have job possibilities after graduating of that. Does anyone here studied or studies computer science? Thanks for any response, I would really like to know a little bit more about this career, and about walsh university if someone knows it.

Thanks in advance.
Posted on 2003-11-12 06:40:21 by CodeLover
i do not study the comp science. but i can tell some clue. one i remember about the real example app is voice recognition. its heavily basing you in theory/algorithm, softwares (not hardware), strong math and analytical skill. job? uhm... i tend to say that this field was theoritic. ahh... might be become a R&D staff?
Posted on 2003-11-14 19:11:03 by dion
I study Ing. on computational systems.

One thing that I can say is:

Where you go, dosent matter what you choice, you are the diference. You are the one that make the diference.

Dosent matter that you have the best school or the best academics, if you dont like what you are doing or you dont whan to change and have fun with what is there (math, theory, practice, thinking).

You are the one that count there.

About if is good or not, I think is good but that is my feel, exist a lot of thing to be done, some say that all the things are done now, I think this assumtion is wrong, there are things that nobody now can see, with more background maybe you will be capable of see a new thing there in the real world.

Consider that what your choice can change some part of you and will change a part of your actual social live your enviroment (tu entorno). And maybe you can change more than that dont scare about that when you lost a oportubity take the next one it this was worng try to correct it or give this choice a turn for make it a good choice (if is posible and dont affect 3rd peoples).

By the way, when you choice some, try some times reads articles or books related to other areas, that will give you diferents points of view and more knowledge....

Maybe consider afortunate.... for what??, think in the people that are not there, sure that is not your problem ;), but you are there by a lot of things, the major are internals and others are externals, like where you born, how was the family, etc.

Posted on 2003-11-15 10:21:59 by rea