Hey guys,

I am trying to code a program to dial to our RAS server. I want this little program to do the dialing, connection and also the VPN connection. Also this program should lessen the mouse clicks compared to doing it manually using MS dial up networking.

When I was using Win95/98 a few years back I cannot start VPN connection without doing the RAS connection first. In XP and W2K you can config this that everytime you click the VPN icon to connect it will open the RAS dial up window first.

I wanted to automate this that instead of clicking on the CONNECt button of the VPN window, it will automatically initiate VPN connection as soon as the RAS successfully connected. I searched the forums and even downloaded a sample code. From the sample code I was able to do the RAS dial and connection. I also was able to connect VPN. Unfortunately I was able to do this on several mouse clicks. What I wanted to do is after RAS connection completes, the program should run the VPN connection without a need for another mouse click.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Posted on 2003-11-14 04:30:14 by _RiPTiDE_