i'v noticed that the LVS_OWNERDATA (00001000h) is missing in radasm's Style/Ex Editor for the ListView Control.
i couldn't found it there so i had to manually edit the RC.
please check it out KetilO.
Posted on 2003-11-14 12:58:52 by wizzra
Hi Wizzra,

You can just add the number to the style number in the edit box at the top of the Style-Manager window, no need to manually edit the RC file. The Style-Manager is an addin written by X05 so he will have to add it, it would be nice if it could have a list of externally editable styles for each control type (it might already but I have not seen it) that way it would be less of a burden on him to keep it up to date.
Posted on 2003-11-14 13:04:30 by donkey