Hi, I have a 386DX (CPU is AMD386DXL-33, another AMD in my house :D) I use the system for software and electronics experiments since it isnt much use in ohter areas. I recently got hold of a FPU for the system, a Cyrix FastMath 83D87-33-GP-KN, the FPU is a QFP. Now the chip has a certain orientation I must put it in unfortunately I do not know that orientation as it seems the socket will allow me to put it in in any orientation. Does anyone know or remember the orientation to put the FPU in?

Posted on 2003-11-14 18:25:12 by x86asm
Every board made by mass production has all of the chips oriented the same way (ie pin one in the same direction) in order to facilitate the placement by robots so check to see how your processor is aligned and put the co-processor in the same way.
Posted on 2003-11-14 18:40:18 by donkey