RadASM V 1.0.6

If you are upgrading, make a backup first.

Unzip RadASM.zip to C:\RadASM


-Uses Mdi and RichEdit20 ver 3.0
-Syntax hiliting.
-Api code complete and tooltip.
-Api constants code complete.
-Code properties gives fast access to your
procs, macros, structs, constants and data.
-Easy to create and use project templates.
-Easy access to code sniplets.
-Find Declare/Return
Stacked find proc, macro, struct or label and return.
-Book Marks. Jump easily back and forth in your code.
Named bookmarks are saved with your project.
-Search and replace in all the project's .asm
and .inc files in a single command.
-Create named links to project textfile and jump to a
link with a single keystroke.
-Dialogbox editor with over 20 controls to
choose from.
-User defined control.
Create your own controls and put them on your dialogbox.
-Menu editor.
-Version info editor.
-Easy access to up to 4 help files via F1.
-Assemble, link and run by pressing a single
toolbar button or hotkey.
-Tool windows can be :
Hidden, docked, moved, resized and stacked.
-Customizeable tools and help menu.
-And much more.


Fixed bugs and improvements
Fixed Bugs:
-Fixed find with direction all problem.
-Fixed some WinXP problems.

New Options:
-Masm LIB Project by Irwing W.
-Masm NMAKE Project by bitRAKE.
-Help and Tools menu editor.

New Features:
-Added version info editor.
Export to output and copy content to main .rc file.
-Resizeing dialogbox controls now snaps to grid when using mouse.
-Added scrollbar style to user control.
-Added raised boarder to static control.
-Added topmost style to dialogbox.
-Added a primitive way to set styles.
-Added a few api constants.
-Ctrl+Space now copies text from api listbox and api tool tip.
-You can now resize the split on splitted edit windows.
-Sniplet windows position, size and split are now saved to ini.
-Help and tools menu editor.

-FlipCase auto hide turns on/off when show/hide output button clicked.
-MsdnHelp bug fixed.
-AsciiTab shows an ascii table.
-New addin messages (see FlipCase project).

Vkim's debug macros shows output in RadASM's output window.

-If you associate .rap files with RadASM you can put shortcuts to
your projects on your desktop.
This also works for .asm files.

-The included addin project 'FlipCase' has some info on how to
create an addin. The addin has two functions:
1. Flip case on selected text.
2. Auto hide / show output window.
Disable unwanted functions by editing RadASM.ini

Thanks to:
bitRAKE for his help on masm keywords and NMAKE project.
Irwing W. for his work on LIB Project.
sch.jnn for all his ideas, debugging and for the splash screen.
Willie for all his ideas and for debugging pre releases.
Qweerdy for his msdn help plugin.
Vkim for his debug macros.
MArtial_Code for his asciiTab plugin.
To all who I forgot their name and for all bug reports.
Myself for doing my best trying to please you all. :D


Unzip to: C:\RadASM
Posted on 2001-10-25 15:02:11 by KetilO
RadASM V 1.0.6 Projects

Unzip to: C:\RadASM

This file contains:



-AviCap. If you have a webcam or TV-card then have fun.
Remember you can read pixels from the picture and create
an automatic surveilance camera or if you have a TV-card,
track nudity (lots of skin color) and automativly start
recording. :-)
-Twain. If you have a scanner or a camera then you can
grab pictures with this one.
-RichEditEditor. Shows basic editor functions. Exelent
newbie project.
-TreeViewDir. Shows how to create a TreeView of a directory.
Also includes resize bar and a text viewer.
-Textio. Shows how to create console. Very simple project.
-CodeSplit. Showes how to split a RichEdit into two panes.
-UserControl. Shows one way to use the new user control.
-GradProgress. Shows another way to use the user control.
Created by Tola. Converted to MASM by bitRAKE. Also includes
bitRAKE's switch case macro.
-FlipCase. RadASM addin project.
-ClientRect. The beginning of an edit control?
-CtlColor. Shows how to set back and fore colors on edit and
static controls.
-ScreenMag. Shows how to magnify part of your screen.
-Icon. Shows how to use the icon control and how to put a
bitmap on a dialog box.
-MsdnHelp. Qweerdy's addin.
-asciiTab. MArtial_Code's addin.
-Debug. Vkim's debug macros.


Unzip to c:\RadASM
Posted on 2001-10-25 15:04:14 by KetilO
Cudos on the continued progress, KetilO.
Here is a project using NMAKE - it should build under the default configuration of MASM32 + RadASM on drive C, without any changes.
Posted on 2001-10-25 18:47:05 by bitRAKE
Hi bitRAKE

Just had a look at your NMAKE Project.
This certainly makes building large projects a lot easier. :alright:

Posted on 2001-10-25 19:37:55 by KetilO
I'm tempted not to ask, but:

With a little tweaking, can I install RadASM on my
D: drive. That is where I have room and my
\MASM32 directory. I could fit it on my C: drive
if necessary. This will be my first install of
RadASM and I want to get it right the first time!

Thanks for your work,

Posted on 2001-10-26 02:01:39 by farrier
Hi farrier

There should be no problem installing RadASM to D drive.
Just use the path setup option after you have installed.

Posted on 2001-10-26 03:46:10 by KetilO
Heey man - nice work. Now, I will start develop in MASM, again.


Posted on 2001-10-26 07:15:53 by gedik

At last the new version of my favourite ASM_IDE -- RadASM 1.0.6!!!

Very good work KetilO!!! Much of respect and keep on the very gooooooooooood woooork!!!:alright:

Viva RadASM & KetilO!:alright:
Posted on 2001-10-26 07:57:32 by NEMO
hi, im an unexperanced coder, but would like to code my own mIRC client in MASM32, has anyone got any info for me?

like tut's or just helpful tips. etc.
Posted on 2001-10-27 01:04:34 by Dem
Dem: you'd better put this question in a new thread as it's not related to radasm..
Here are a few tips:

    [*]Read Iczelion's winsock tutorials
    [*]Download the winsock reference help file from my site (sock2.hlp), it's like win32.hlp but for winsock.
    [*]Go to www.rfc-editor.org, do a search on IRC and you'll get the full descriptions of the IRC standard

Posted on 2001-10-27 05:05:52 by Thomas
When Radasm is open my esc key doesnt work.I guess it is related with keyboard hook.Previous version didnt have this feature.I have both win9x and xp and it gives same result.
Posted on 2001-10-27 07:56:42 by LaptoniC

When Radasm is open my esc key doesnt work.I guess it is related with keyboard hook.Previous version didnt have this feature.I have both win9x and xp and it gives same result.

Hi Laptonic

I just tested this, and yes you are right. RadASM does not have any hooks so I don't know what this could be. The only thing I can think of is the message loop or hot keys. I will have a look at this.

Posted on 2001-10-27 09:52:07 by KetilO
Hi Laptonic and all RadASM users.

I have traced the problem to be in the asciiTab addin.

Remove this function until I can find out why.

Edit RadASM.ini and change the following:

;FlipCase,x (1=Flip case, 2=Auto Show/Hide Output, 3=Both)

to the following:

;FlipCase,x (1=Flip case, 2=Auto Show/Hide Output, 3=Both)

Note: If you dont have msdn then comment the MsdnHelp line like this:


Posted on 2001-10-27 10:24:34 by KetilO
Hi all RadASM users.

The problem with Esc key and asciiTab is solved.

On WM_SETFOCUS I register Esc as a hotkey and
on WM_KILLFOCUS I unregister. Seem like hotkeys
registered in a dll are system wide. :confused:

Unzip and copy dll to C:\RadASM\AddIns

Posted on 2001-10-27 12:25:51 by KetilO
When I try to re-build the project samples, such as RichEditEditor or MonthView, I can't because it needs the .res file which isn't supplied. Perhaps I should know these things but because if it I can't make changes or get a feel for how the editor compiles...

Update: Nevermind, I found the compile RC options... thanks

Posted on 2001-10-29 16:19:46 by _Shawn
Also, where do I get the rc.hlp file?

Posted on 2001-10-29 16:23:33 by _Shawn
I got rc.hlp with rc.exe, and rcdll.dll
- doesn't the PSDK have it?
I'm sure it's on the web somewhere?
Okay, I'm no help...:)
Posted on 2001-10-29 17:05:43 by bitRAKE
It may but I'm using the Visual Studio.NET, it seems to have other tools...

Posted on 2001-10-29 17:25:43 by _Shawn
Yes, but the old tools are there, too. :)

\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio.NET\Vc7\bin\
Posted on 2001-10-29 20:47:31 by bitRAKE
Okay, I have an issue, perhaps I'm just overlooking something, but when I try to create a MASM32 project which has all the MASM32LIB file and then go to compile the lib, it doesn't compile anything... it wants the .res, and a few others, when I edit them out it complains that it's missing files... I'm just trying to create a RAP based on the masm32 lib and it's not happening... but, I'm probly over looking something...

Update 1: RAP attached

Update 2: I've noticed that you accept user controls in the control menu, is there another way to add our own list of controls other than the one in the project, and have it permanently in the tools menu?

Posted on 2001-10-30 10:56:57 by _Shawn