All you need to do is place this in the m32 folder for masm32... try to compile build... but first rename it from txt to .rap

Posted on 2001-10-30 12:48:27 by _Shawn
Hi _Shawn

There is probably some trouble with your RadASM.ini file.
The section should contain this:

;Number 9 added by Irving W. - For LIB Projects
;Number 10 added by bitRAKE. - For NMAKE Projects

Projects created with the error must manually be edited so that the section matches. In your case:


For the user control you can create any control windows support. No visual effect as this would mean ocx support. There is no other way to add your own comtrols.

Posted on 2001-10-30 13:24:31 by KetilO
Could we add support for our own intellisense definitions? For example, you have the win32 API's (some of them)... but I have no way to add my own, except if I add them (alphabetically) into the masmWindows.api file... instead, perhaps we could create our own API file (maybe in our project folder) or something, and it can scan those as well...

BTW: the answer to the above answer, is that doesn't work. beacuse I created the project called MASM32, it expects a MASM32.ASM file which doesn't exist, because of that, it gets cranky. Instead, it should just compile all the files in the project and not care whether MASM32.ASM exists or not, otherwise, I can't use the m32lib as a project... without some work arounds...

Thanks for the answer

Posted on 2001-10-30 13:30:17 by _Shawn
Hi _Shawn

The workaround is simple. Create a masm32.asm file that inkludes all the files you want like this:

Include MASM32.Inc
Include A2DW.Asm
Include APPATH.Asm
Include ATODW.Asm

Posted on 2001-10-30 16:43:41 by KetilO

Here's the full project, that work around does not work. It then starts finding errors in every single ASM file and redeclarations and all kinds of stuff... at the very minimum... if you're willing, take a look at the project file, attached, simply drop it in the m32 lib location where all the files are and try it yourself and see that it's not that simple...

Perhaps there's a way I can tweak RadASM in such a way to not be so picky about what files it wants to compile and simply compile what's there, without having to expect a MASM32.asm or whatever... forgive me if I'm sounding rude, I'm not being such... I've been tinkering with this for hours and haven't been successful...

Update 1: Okay, one of the problems is the A2DW.ASM, it has the same proc defined three times, must be a typo, clear out the two and that's fine. It does compile. However, the lib is incomplete, unless MASM 7 compiles the whole lib into 1k, last I checked, the official one was 37k... looking at the binary, it's missing everything... the library isn't properly compiling... Again, I'm not criticizing you or being rude, please don't take it that way. Thanks for all help...

Posted on 2001-10-30 17:34:36 by _Shawn
The MASMLIB files are compiled separately and then linked into one LIB file. You can do this with a MAKEFILE, or create a RAP file for each asm file in the lib - not very practical. Putting them all in one project will result in a bunch of errors, as you have found out. They have to be assembled separately or edited extensively. :)
Posted on 2001-10-30 17:58:52 by bitRAKE
Hi _Shawn & bitRAKE

I just had a look at the files, and yes they must be assembled separately. Unfortunatly there is a bug in RadASM 1.0.6 so this will not work until is out.

In project options set:

Assemble: 0,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff,*.asm
Link: 9,O,$B\LIB.EXE,*.obj /out:,9

I am currently working on a tab and wizard demo. As soon as theese are finished I will post

Posted on 2001-10-30 19:01:58 by KetilO
Ya, I forgot MASM could take a wildcard on the commandline.
Cool. :)
Posted on 2001-10-30 20:10:02 by bitRAKE
Hi all!
I don't know if there's some doc I forgot to read about RadASM. When building a project I use Borland Resource Workshop, 'cause I don't really know what to do with the dialog editor in RadASM. How do I get the resources built with the editor into the project. Say I create a dialog and a menu. I never get it to work quite the way I want it to. I would be very happy if someone could tell me how it's done.
Posted on 2001-10-31 09:07:00 by Storck
Hi Storck

To explain this I will use an example, the Icon project.

When you open the main rc file, Icon.rc you find this:

#define IDB_HEDRA 100
#include <Res\IconDlg.rc>

What includes the dialog is the line:

#include <Res\IconDlg.rc>

You have to add the line by yourself.
You add a menu the same way. How to add the menu to your dialog you must decide as there ar several ways to do this.
Study included projects and read rc.hlp.
Compile the rc to res by selecting: Make/Compile RC
Then compile the project by selecting: Make/Go

It really is that simple.

Posted on 2001-10-31 09:59:28 by KetilO
RadASM Update / Bugfix.

The zip contains:

1. RadASM.exe
2. TabDemo project. Shows how to create tabs.
3. WizDemo project. Shows how to create wizards.

Unzip to C:\RadASM

Posted on 2001-10-31 11:07:46 by KetilO
While looking at the Best Editor thread, I saw a description of a feature I thought was really cool: folding/collapsing blocks of code. I decided to write an add-in for RadASM to do something like that, because it sounded like I'd learn a lot and have a really good add-in when I'm done.

This version collapses all code between a PROC and an ENDP statement. It is NOT stable though, and it WILL destroy some of your code. Don't use it on important projects. I wish I could use CodeTree while editing CodeTree, but I can't. This version is only intended as sort of a demo/preview. If you want to help speed things up, you could do detailed bug testing and send me the results so I can fix them faster. If you want to make a suggestion for a new feature or something, you can do that too. Or if you just want to see a preview of what's coming soon, you can do that too. But whatever you do, DON'T use it on an actual project. I suggest you create a project from a RadASM template (such as the RichEdit Editor, which has a lot of procs) and play around.

This is also a good example of the amazing things RadASM's add-in model will let you accomplish. KetilO's been incredibly helpful, both on RadASM's side of things and on mine. So thanks! :)

Here's the attachment. To install it, put it in RadASM\AddIns and add x=CodeTree.dll,0 (where x is the next number in your add-in list) to the add-ins section of RadASM.ini. I'd recommend reading the CodeTree.txt file included in the .zip file too. It contains more detailed warnings and explanations about the bugs in CodeTree, and what features I have planned for it (custom code blocks, auto save/restore of which blocks are collapsed and expanded, etc.).

And just one more time, to be sure:
Be sure to remove the CodeTree line from RadASM.ini before you work on an important project! This version is ONLY a preview, and has some serious bugs that could make you lose your work!
(Edit: I made some "seriuos" typing errors in that warning)

Now you can download it:
Posted on 2001-10-31 12:18:23 by Irving W.
Hi Irving W. I am going to love this one. :alright:

One important note. You need to dl RadASM

Some suggestions and bugs:

Add menu items to expand collapse all.
Add toolbar button with hot-key to expand collapse an item.
Remember that hot-keys added in dll are system wide.
You should set caret to the first pos on the proc line you expand / collapse.


I mouse wheel a lot and when caret is out of view it scrolls into view when I click on text in editor. This makes me not hit the text I am clicking on.
The flicker is not that anoying. Don't spend a lot of time trying to solve this yet. Consentrate on getting rid of the serious bugs.
Posted on 2001-10-31 13:28:16 by KetilO
Thanks KetilO. I guess it worked pretty much the way I thought it should. I must have made some stupid mistake when I tried it the first few times. Now I like RadASM even more. In fact I love it! It's so much faster not having to use an external resource editor.
Posted on 2001-10-31 16:58:11 by Storck

Assemble: 0,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff,*.asm
Link: 9,O,$B\LIB.EXE,*.obj /out:,9

This creates an error with the assemler, saying cannot open file *.asm... using 1062...

Posted on 2001-11-01 10:53:46 by _Shawn
It appears that RadASM is designed to best handle projects with only 1 .asm file... because as soon as I add a second asm file I can't use the IDE to build the project successfully anymore and even with your tweaks it still complains. Are there plans to change this, because I create my projects with many asm files. I don't use that single asm file design principle. I like to break apart and isolate my code according to the relevance, I think Ernie does the same thing, too...

Anyway, thanks...
Posted on 2001-11-01 11:00:40 by _Shawn

Is multiple project support on the horizon?

Posted on 2001-11-01 11:51:53 by _Shawn
Hi !

RadASM is going to become an true alternate IDE for asm-developping ! Pretty work you've done !

Much improvements are mentioned here and another one I want to put here:

In UltraEdit it is possible to open a file named at the cursor's position by an menu-item of the context-menu. It's nice if you have many includes ...

Well the way Delphi handles this is also nice ! Delphi makes this by pressing +.

Another goodie would be the ability to define shortcuts by the user ...

Greetings, Caleb !
Posted on 2001-11-01 12:56:25 by Caleb
Hi _Shawn

1. Assemble: 0,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff,*.asm
Link: 9,O,$B\LIB.EXE,*.obj /out:,9

Works well on ml 6.15.8803

2. When I build larger projects I splitt it up in parts and use the main asm file to glue things together. If you prefer to use .obj files and link them you just add them to your project.

3. No

Posted on 2001-11-01 13:08:12 by KetilO
Hi Caleb.

1. UltraEdit's way is the simplest to understand by the user. I will keep this in mind and are not at all hard to do.
2. User defined keyboard macros has been on my wishing list for a long time and will be implemented as soon as I get the time.

Hi !

RadASM is going to become an true alternate IDE for asm-developping ! Pretty work you've done !

Much improvements are mentioned here and another one I want to put here:

In UltraEdit it is possible to open a file named at the cursor's position by an menu-item of the context-menu. It's nice if you have many includes ...

Well the way Delphi handles this is also nice ! Delphi makes this by pressing +.

Another goodie would be the ability to define shortcuts by the user ...

Greetings, Caleb !
Posted on 2001-11-01 13:16:42 by KetilO