I want to learn some usage info about "Platsdk.dll"(addin).

1. Can i use it with a shortcut? (Suppose i must to play with addin)

2. Can i call the help file w/o selecting text? (Suppose i must to play with addin)

3. This is most important. If a keyword has sub articles(for example SendMessage) then SDK opening a dialog to wait for selecting one of these and at this point, hard to say but, RadAsm or addin or helpfile(platsdk.col) or together :( freezing. Resulting with Ctrl+Alt+Del. Does anybody has experienced this? And, any idea? Solution? (please dont tell me give a way, i will use :)

Hope somebody using...

Posted on 2003-11-16 20:25:03 by cakmak
Ok i solved 2nd problem by using RaEdit's lpGetWordFromPoint function. 1st one is not important from now on.

But what about 3rd one? Anybody looks here who understand this? The problem is not in help file, because is working well without RadAsm.

Any advance?
Posted on 2003-11-19 12:42:17 by cakmak