With the mci_status command I can retrieve various info about an audiocd.
How can I get the offset of a track?
Should I calculate the sum of the lenght of the prevoius tracks or is there a specific flag? I didn't it!
Posted on 2003-11-21 05:09:00 by greenant
get the offset
Posted on 2003-11-24 00:58:19 by P2M
Afternoon , greenant.

Use MCI_STATUS_NUMBER_OF_TRACKS to get the number of tracks, and MCI_TRACK + MCI_STATUS_POSITION to get the starting position of a particular track.

Posted on 2003-11-24 01:55:16 by Scronty
Thanks. I have to calculate the cddb_discid.
I know I should use ASPI but now I want to use MCI and then I will learn & use aspi
Posted on 2003-11-24 02:23:09 by greenant