The crap just isn't for me. It interferes with my programming time so much. All i wanted to do was increase my vertical(had it tested today, only 28 inches), to around 34 or more and running these 5 and more miles everyday isn't helping(been running for excess 2 months now) I'm f'ing done. Going back to my weight training for results.

To actually have a question entertained in this post, I'd like to ask, Are there any such activities out there that interfere with ones personal life, atheletics and otherwize? If so, how do you cope with it?
Posted on 2003-11-21 16:37:01 by Guy on ASM
I am not sure what you question, but i have similar problems sometimes, with the time that I dispose and the time that take to do one thing.

Administration and organization can be good, but at less for me are dificult to follow, and I am working on that.

I remember that eficiency is good to achieve, some time I read that a normal person at a day only use like the 30%(or less) of (I dont remember correctly what was...) his time, efficency or the 'power' 'to do things' to call it in some way, achieving eficency can help you and maybe you can get the 90% of your time for you and the things that you whant to do.

Also some times take the time for break somethings that you do consecutevely, take a break, walk instead of run ;), go to dance, sleep in the 'parque' with the sun shine covered by a three, I will like to swim, but i dont know :S, maybe learn some ting that you dont know... paint??, sing???.

Nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-11-21 18:11:32 by rea
{stuff} has always interfered with my personal relationships. Kisses, flowers and chocolate (she will give it back to me because she loves me) tend to relax the situation. She also understands my passions and gives me room to explore them.

{stuff} has always interfered with my programming. Everything else takes a back seat because I'm thinking in algorithms.

{stuff} usually interferes with my eating, but I'm learning to put more thought in what is going into my body.
Posted on 2003-11-21 20:42:22 by bitRAKE
I try to eat 6 times a day :grin: nothing much, just a slice of bread between main meals to keep the engine running :) and oatmeal in the morning. I don't have sugar or other cravings because of it. Oh and I try to drink 3 - 6 liters water(tap)/day. Much vegetables (some days only veggies, no meat) and every 2 weeks a cheat day on which I eat things like pizza and such unhealthy stuff :)
Posted on 2003-11-22 10:48:31 by Hiroshimator
"How can you have time, if you don't allocate some?"

Make a tight schedule. I used to have a big notebook, where I put every keyframe of the next day -
6:00 :get up, brush teeth+ ..+ clean up room
6:15 go joggin 2 miles
6:35 go shopping
6:50 breakfast +vitamins
7:10 microelectronics (hobby)
10:00 basketball
12:00 lunch

I made a new schedule everyday, changing several things I wanted to. I have a watch that also serves as a scheduler (you can write text in it, and make it notify you at some time). With this watch I could keep up to the schedule.
I posted here somewhere an app, that can work as that watch (named "databank") .

With tight scheduling, I did:
go to school, go jogging every day, play basketball, play volleyball, go to fitness, go to sports dances at 2 places, study electronics & English. So, allocate some time :alright:
Posted on 2003-11-22 14:10:02 by Ultrano
ultrano: ....

... wow!

most of the time i dont know what to do and just surf web or use compus, but for example one day in the week i have 1.5hour boxing and then school till 6, the next day school till 4 then 1.30hour boxing followed by 2h gymnastics... And I walk at least 2times 20 min a day to go to school... so it leaves time for thinkin about compus.
Posted on 2003-11-24 13:05:19 by HeLLoWorld
I really like programming, but I can't find much time for it. I've been swimming professionally for a couple of years now and I spend about five hours every day in a pool. I also have alot of work to do in school. When I come home in the evening I usually have about two hours off for programming (unless I have school stuff to do).
Posted on 2003-11-24 13:48:43 by Delight