What do you think about this prayer ;)

Our Caller, who art on the stack frame
Hallowed be thy Parameters
Thy Address Space come
Thy I/O be done
In Registers, as it is in Memory
Give us this day our periodic timeslices
And forgive us our page faults
As we forgive those who pass invalid parameters
Lead us not to unconditional JMPs
But deliver us from segment registers
For thine is the Address Space, the Registers, and the I/O ports
Jmp $

Posted on 2003-11-21 17:07:13 by The SharK
lol thats very funny
Posted on 2003-11-21 17:10:14 by ENF
LOL :grin:. Maybe we should add it to the beginning of all our programs :grin:
Posted on 2003-11-21 17:28:40 by Odyssey
Where did you find this?
Posted on 2003-11-21 18:19:47 by ENF
Hey Shark,

I did not know you were a man of faith. Sounds like you have been out "walking too and fro upon the Earth". :tongue:

Posted on 2003-11-21 19:30:33 by hutch--
Amen! :grin:
Posted on 2003-11-21 20:13:33 by bitRAKE
Programming Related Fun by Matt Pietrek:

He worked at NuMega/Compuware, where he was the lead architect for BoundsChecker.
Then he rejoined Compuware in 2002, and have worked with both the BoundsChecker
and Distributed Analyzer teams.

http://www.wheaty.net/ :alright: :alright: :alright:
Posted on 2003-11-22 02:58:23 by The SharK
OMG LOL! thats a good one :D
Posted on 2003-11-22 12:57:19 by x86asm