Hi ketio, your Radasm very good, i like it .

I know another Assembly IDE : Visual Assembler written by Pradeepan :


This IDE not good as your and no longer active, but it has some useful function : Ex : add pictures to command button, add picture and color to form...
And most important is VASM auto register the id of control in a form to .CONST field :

Button0 EQU 1001

This is useful for programing,

when we double click on a button in a form designing Radasm auto register the ID and name of that button, it help us write code faster and easier.

If Radasm should have this useful function to become better and better.
Posted on 2003-11-22 02:06:57 by neverending

The picture or color of a control or dialog is determined at run-time, either in the CTL_COLOR messages, the BM_SETIMAGE message or the WM_PAINT handler. To add these features to RadASM it would have to insert code into your application, that is not something that I think Ketil is prepared to do or that anybody would want. For myself at least I would be more than a little pi**ed off if RadASM started to insert things into my program.

To get the IDC_BTN1 equ 1001 use the Export ID equ's function from the Tools menu.
Posted on 2003-11-24 02:33:55 by donkey