ok, need some guidance! i gotta make int 8 run something else different than its original routine everytime it happens, and then put back the default routine after mine is done! i know it's got to do with changing pointers and setting them to where my program is allocated, but i'm not very familiarized with these concepts! any thougths u got help me out here!
my routine has got to take a .wav file, decode it, and send it trough pins 2 to 9 of the printer port!
any1 willing to help???
Posted on 2003-11-22 17:19:29 by wachichornia
boot to dos machine and program in asembly
for fastest routines. you end up with a dedicated
use api port calls for a slower response but
windows friendly version.
use directx calls for a middle of road version
pick adirection and others here will be able to
guide you
Posted on 2003-11-22 19:17:31 by dhicks586
There is information in The Art Of Assembly Langage "16-bit" edition :
- chapter 17 "Interrupts, Traps and Exceptions"
- chapter 21 "The PC Parallel Ports"
Posted on 2003-11-23 02:28:40 by Dr. Manhattan
Get four-F's tutorials on kernel mode drivers. I don't know if the interrupt vector is reset after returning to system but you can probably can over ride that by making an auto load driver that stays registered all the time. Here is an example of changing pointers. The IDT can never be cached out so you can write to it by way of ring0 which Four-F's tutorials do. You are talking Double-Fault Exception aren't you. I never messed with that one. That sounds like a chore!
Posted on 2003-11-23 18:43:43 by mrgone