Has anyone here attempted or can suggest the best course of action for an add-in management scheme in a program. Basically I aim to hopefully have a program on start up be able to enumerate any new dll's in a said directory and automatically integrate it into its operation. The problem just *what* will be integrated is not 100% clear, so the scheme has to be robust to be able handle new ideas that was not previoulsy thought of.

This is something that has been naggin in the back of my mind for months (how to do it right to minimize redesign of the core program). Basically there needs to be an inteface defined for key information to be exchanged between the core program and any add in dll, but exactly what all should be included im not 100% decided upon...

So having said this, and knowing everyone has an oppinion when it comes to such topics i thought i would host the idea openly to hopefully hear views on the topic....

Obviously it will require some level of design and data exchange for the GUI inteface (toolbars/menus etc.) and interal global variables in the core program, but seeing a clear picture on how to proceed im struggling with..

If you have ideas, please share them. My goal is to via discussions have a colaborated generic standard for designing programs able to evolve via addin dll's... (Or im on crack ;) )

Posted on 2003-11-22 23:22:17 by NaN