Does anyone know of any sites where i can learn how to make intros/cracktros like ATM/Class etc like the Class/divine/fairlight intro's?

I would like to code it in win32asm but i cannot seem to find any examples anywhere on the net?

Here is what i mainly want to do:

A background .bmp image with text scrolling across the screen in a sinuswave form. i already know how to implement .mod music etc. Sorry for sounding like a newbie but i AM :P i recently programmed in Visual Basic and i am just sick and tired of it as it is too damn slow.

If anyone has any examples or knows of any sites which i could get info from please reply

Thanks in Advance

Posted on 2001-10-26 14:41:54 by CyberUK
Hi ! Fine that there's someone having the same interests ... ;)

Well, there are much resources on the net ... but as with any underground-stuff sometimes it's hard to find !

Here are my most preferred links:

Mostly demo-oriented are these both ones


General stuff about Game/Graphics-Coding you will find here

NEHE's GameDevelopment

For all music-stuff visit


There you will get also includes for using with MASM.
Also for some examples of NEHE's tutorials exist WinAsm-conversions.

The others are c/c++-oriented but it shouldn't be too difficult to learn from them ...

Much fun and greetings ... CALEB
Posted on 2001-10-26 15:55:58 by Caleb
Thanx for the info the sites where very good. But i bumped into "sixb0nes" in my group who showed me a few things of where to start off etc and he was quite helpful he passed me some source which i could learn from ;)

Thankyou for your information though

CyberUK a.k.a (Subcontious Entity)
Posted on 2001-10-27 04:11:11 by CyberUK