Hi Ketil,

I don't know if you saw the other thread about this but I had an idea. This would probably be alot of work but I think it would be a very nice RAD feature for RadASM. I use alot of superclassing and subclassing of controls. It would be nice if in the dialog editor I could assign a proc name to a control and when I double click it (or another trigger) a small snippet type edit window would open and display only the proc that is attached to that control. any editing would be mirrored in the main file. Just a suggestion but I think it would be very useful.
Posted on 2003-11-25 17:23:40 by donkey
Hi Edgar

Yes I saw the thread. Good idea, but I would skip the sniplet window part.

Posted on 2003-11-26 03:10:22 by KetilO

Nice idea :)


When you say you skip the snippet window do you mean that clicking the control would go straight to the appropriate procedure in the main source file?
Posted on 2003-11-26 05:02:15 by Odyssey
The idea of a sniplet window was so that you could open an edit window and stay inside the dialog editor. But I guess jumping directly to the proc and expanding it would be about the same thing.
Posted on 2003-11-26 05:12:55 by donkey