This applies to the latest version of WinASM

These are the conditions for the bug:

I have one project open and the project contains one asm file and one rc file. I right click on the project window and select add new asm file and WinASM opens a new blank window called Untitled1.asm. This is where the bug happens... on the first line I type in exactly this:

ActiveButton struct

and as I press enter WinASM goes into some sortof spinlock. Try this for yourself I hope you can replicate the process. I can send you my microsoft crash dump files upon request. Thanks

Posted on 2003-11-25 20:07:25 by JohnnyQuest

Yes I 've been able to replicate the bug. Thanks a lot. Solved!

Here it is


Posted on 2003-11-26 12:02:58 by akyprian