You are starting, good :D.

I think you can contribute, even if you are a starter...

how maybe you are questioning...

the answer: you can help in the way of write what you think is more dificult to follow in asm.

You can write not a diary.. or some, but write what you can handle and what no, that will help I think that will serve you in check your advances ;).

Nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-11-27 00:49:59 by rea

so y're an achiever, good.

for me its breaking my own damn records.

so how experienced are you x86asm

bla bla

I think I am reasonably experience I started programming in ASM in Gr. 8 and I'm now in Gr. 12, but the x86 was not the first microprocessr I learned to program ASM in it was the Z80.
Posted on 2003-11-28 17:26:55 by x86asm