I've had a really tough day today. Sigh! But I've learnt something really cool too. It's COM. I read many of the posts here and they were easy to grasp but they were still missing the rich meat a beginner to COM needs (perhaps we need a small and rich article from NaN and Japheth). Well, here's a learning curve I am currently going through:

1. Read up some info in MSDN about "What is COM?"
2. Read up some info here in old postings.
3. There are excellent articles on COM for beginners at codeproject.com. Lemme find em, oh there i got some beginner stuff. here are the links:

intro part 1: http://www.codeproject.com/com/comintro.asp
intro part 2: http://www.codeproject.com/com/comintro2.asp

Well, I'm just a beginner to COM, so I certainly need lots and lots of help. Gr8 we've guys like japheth and NaN to help us out. (hope y're listenin fellas.)

Posted on 2003-11-27 07:07:12 by art_sands
I have book (paper) " Inside COM" (Dale Rogerson) - very good.
Posted on 2003-11-27 12:39:53 by robin11
is it available online for free (you say it is a paper) i tried searching they all say i need to buy. i can't do that. I'd rather choose msdn online.
Posted on 2003-11-27 13:54:53 by art_sands
I agree a good beginners guide to COM that is complete at every "step" is definitely required. I have a COM text as well, but I dont use it as much as you would think. At the assembly level your more involved that these books let you know about (its amazing how much detial gets left out when they assume your using C++ or VB!!). The MSDN is ok, it definetly is better than these books, but its hard to get a good 1-2-3 progression of information here. YOu often forget details while you look for the next missing piece to the COM puzzle :rolleyes:

I find the technical articles submitted to the MSDN are quite good from time to time. The authors tend to walk through all the various stages, however its usually not generized and focuses on one point (hence the point of an article ;) ).

In assembly, Ernie and Maurice M. have made tutorials as well.

I havent attempted an article for com yet because to be honest im still *learning* it ;) . I feel i have the basic soundly understood. But there is alot of inteface standards out there that im still realizing what their purpose is. In short the best is to ask questions for now, unless Japheth is willing to write a tutorial... (I give him alot of credit for what i have learned to date).

I hope this was some help.. if any (I realize this is mostly me babling ;) )
Posted on 2003-11-27 21:19:34 by NaN

NaN, thank you very much indeed ;) . I agree that some MSDN articles are very good. Problems with books about COM seems that they try to cover "all" of it, so issues like "structured storage", "property sets", "compound documents" ... are covered, possibly in there own, large chapters. Some of these topics might be a bit outdated now or are absolutely not necessary for a good understanding of COM and so tend to confuse or overtax a beginner, who is unable to decide whats important and whats just a gadget.

Regretably, I'm writing my tools mainly for myself, making them public if I feel others may find them useful as well. So currently no plans about a COM tutorial from my side.

Posted on 2003-11-28 02:26:57 by japheth