TASM tells me no error, but obj. file is not created.
Thats my code:

;runs through a loop

.model flat
include C:\tasm\include\windows.inc

EXTRN ExitProcess:PROC
EXTRN WriteConsoleA:PROC


counter dd 0
mb1_title db "Message Ultra 2",0
mb1_msg db "Scheiss Nachricht, was ?",0
ErrorCode dd 0



;prepare for loop:
mov eax, 0
mov counter, eax ;counter is 0

cmp [ebp+counter], 100d
jle loop1code ;when younter < 101 -> run loop code
jmp loopEnd1 ;else go on...

loop1code: ;has to take care of counter inc.
push 0
push offset mb1_title
push offset mb1_msg
push 0
call MessageBoxA
inc counter
jmp loop1

push 0
call ExitProcess

;Eintrittspunkt definieren:
end start

someone has a clue ? besides, do U see an error in the loop ? (I could not test...)
Posted on 2003-11-27 10:43:01 by Backsteppa
cmp , 100d

should be ...

cmp ,01000d

not ebp+counter

also, that should cause an error compiling i'd imagine
because the 100d should have a h at the end if its a hex number
and i dont see any prefixing if the numbers are hex or decimal in the code

nehows try that fix
Posted on 2003-11-27 11:38:37 by evlncrn8
your info worked after i modified:

.radix 16


cmp , 0100d

thanx and have a nice day. :alright: :)
Posted on 2003-11-27 12:16:44 by Backsteppa