hi all,

again for PIC..
i need to test if a pic program work well on receiving I2C commands... i woul try using a PC proggy that send commands trough parallel port...
anyone know if ther's something ready ?

thx B7
Posted on 2003-11-27 12:18:58 by Bit7
Hi, Bit7,

Try this link http://members.tripod.com/michaelgellis/software.html

Download the program called "Parallel". It's just a DOS program, but maybe it can help you.
Posted on 2003-12-05 11:42:42 by VVV
VVV, infinite thanks, that's really what i was looking for !!!!
Posted on 2003-12-06 07:50:54 by Bit7
You are welcome!
Posted on 2003-12-08 11:26:43 by VVV