I stumbled onto this forum while searching for WinXp registration crack info. Went to the unimpressive Xp launch in Studio City. Am staying with Win2k. Not even interested in trying WinXp.

Used to be a grizzled assembly language programmer; but I have not used masm for over six years. I used Masm4, Masm5 and Masm6, too I think. I bought in to the Microsoft "write for all hardware platforms" propaganda. So I converted all my asm modules to c. Since then I've used VC++ to VS6. Also spent a couple of years writing a large Access database. And for some time now, the PC is effectively back to one (x86) platform.

I know that some video capture codecs and filters are written in assembly. Is masm still used to do other kinds of significant programming? What version of Masm is used with Win2k?

I'll appreciate any feedback.
Posted on 2001-10-27 00:23:31 by luigi2000
Hey, no cracking allowed here dude!

I've been an assembly guy since the original 8088. Actually, I started assem programming on the IBM 360 mainframe, back in 1970, but that's another story...

I'm fairly new to doing assem for windows. But with the newer versions of MASM, and things like INVOKE, it's really pretty easy.

If you want to get started, download the MASM32 package, and the service packs, from Iczelion. I'ld say from hutch, but he's having some problems with his provider lately...


The package includes MASM 6.14, which works just fine with Win2K. Icz also has ver 6.15 on his site. I think the only differences are support for the new AMD instructions. A couple guys here are playing with the beta version of 7.00, that will ship with VS .NET.

As far "significant programming" I think it's fair to say that most of us are into writing full-blown windows applications in pure assembly language. Yea, it sounds strange, and we certainly are in the minority, but we're having a blast, and it works great!

Try it. You'll like it...

Posted on 2001-10-27 01:19:38 by S/390

Lousy ISP, try my new domain at www.movsd.com its on a very stable unix server in England.


Posted on 2001-10-27 02:00:56 by hutch--

I do like that new URL.

Posted on 2001-10-27 04:13:38 by S/390
Thank you for the start. I'll be back.
Posted on 2001-10-27 12:54:02 by luigi2000