Hi, when I debug my application I cannot figure out how to get to the procedure. I am using ollydebug. Currently I am looking at iczelions tutorial3. It uses the dispatchmessage function. I can debug through it by pressing F8 but it only takes me to the next code in the loop.. it doesn't pass me over to the procedure. I am wondering if there is some way of getting to the procedure so that I can see PostQuitMessage and DefWindowProc running. If you want me to post the code just message back and tell me.
Posted on 2003-12-01 05:57:40 by Phase Verocity
When at DispatchMessage, press enter and set breakpoint then there. Next press F9.
Posted on 2003-12-01 06:10:03 by roticv
Thankyou, I put the breakpoint at the beginning of the procedure and just pressed F9, it got me there. I'm still wondering how it all works but. Does it jump to the procedure when you call the dispatchmessage api. And then when does it leave the procedure.
Posted on 2003-12-01 11:14:35 by Phase Verocity
If I am not wrong, when you set a breakpoint, ollydbg will make use of WriteProcessMemory and add in int3. You will break at the breakpoint (aka the injected int3). You will only leave that part of the function at a retn (Not too sure, never tried debugging the program yet)
Posted on 2003-12-01 11:42:03 by roticv