I was trying to use the IP address control not 4 editboxes but i cant find infos about it how to implement an IPcontrol.

I mean how to i get the IP address stored in the control into my buffer ??
Its not a string, right ?

invoke inet_addr, addr IP ;from IPAddressControl

btw: cant go to msdn cause of my poor VB proxy.


Posted on 2003-12-02 04:01:59 by Ranma_at

wParam = 0;
lParam = (LPARAM)(LPDWORD)pdwAddr;

Retrieves the address values for all four fields in the IP address control.

Returns the number of nonblank fields.
Address of a DWORD value that receives the address. The field 3 value will be contained in bits 0 through 7. The field 2 value will be contained in bits 8 through 15. The field 1 value will be contained in bits 16 through 23. The field 0 value will be contained in bits 24 through 31.

The FIRST_IPADDRESS, SECOND_IPADDRESS, THIRD_IPADDRESS, and FOURTH_IPADDRESS macros can also be used to extract the address information. Zero will be returned as the address for any blank fields.
Posted on 2003-12-02 04:11:55 by ENF
try like this
invoke GetDlgItem, hwnd, IDC_EDIT
invoke GetWindowText, eax, addr IP, sizeof(IP)
invoke inet_addr, addr IP
Posted on 2003-12-07 02:35:16 by whrcartoon