To this day the GDI makes almost no use of even the simplest hardware acceleration.

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yes it does ;)
I had posted my research on it in the Game forum. I'm proud that bitblit gives me (and my customers) 180 fps of 800x800 bitmap at 32-bit screen 1024x768, and meanwhile the cpu stays at less than 8% usage.

Sorry, I gave up on the other thread and just now checked it for the first time, kind of like rubbernecking a train wreck full of trolls. So I decide to respond here.

I did not know this but I as I said "almost no use", it would be interesting to see the results of your tests and I will definitely check them out. I have found also that the GDI does not appear as bad as some make it out to be, for example the floodfill is relatively fast, I wrote a replacement in order to allow alpha flood fills using a recursive stack fill and direct to DIBitmap pixels and even so it was only moderately faster than the GDI, nothing to write home about.
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Hi Ultrano,

Can you give me a link, I can't find the thread...
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