Can anyone recommend a good webpage builder thats free?. I don't want to learn HTML. :grin:
Posted on 2003-12-05 08:59:19 by Odyssey
html is simple. Code in notepad :grin:
Posted on 2003-12-05 08:59:59 by roticv
Actually if you know assembler ... HTML it's a piece of cake ...

Posted on 2003-12-05 09:03:03 by Eternal Idol Birmingham

html is simple. Code in notepad

LOL that was a quick reply roticv. :grin:. I actually learnt HTML before and some CSS and Javacript but I forgot most of it because I didn't do anything with it. So I don't really want to go learn all that again. I'm occupied learning assembly language and windows programming so I don't want to burden myself with more. If no one knows a good webpage builder and I can't find one then I'll just take a few days to see what I can in learn duing that time. :)

Actually if you know assembler ... HTML it's a piece of cake ...

Maybe but coding HTML is not as much fun as asm. :grin:
Posted on 2003-12-05 09:12:21 by Odyssey

Maybe but coding HTML is not as much fun as asm. :grin:

Of course, HTML sucks big time ...

Maybe you should try Macromedia's DreamWeaver.

Posted on 2003-12-05 09:19:21 by Eternal Idol Birmingham

<title>PLACE A TITLE HERE</title>


and end it with


Posted on 2003-12-05 09:42:58 by Hiroshimator

I think that that is one of our problems, at least mine, everything I do looks horrible except that other one does the graphic design.
That page would be perfectly correct, even more than the DreamWeaver one but it's gonna look like crap.

Posted on 2003-12-05 09:46:46 by Eternal Idol Birmingham
I use Front Page that came with my MS Office but before I started using it I looked around and this one looked pretty good. I didn't try it but it is supposed to be Wysiwyg and free:
Posted on 2003-12-05 11:48:34 by donkey

I use Front Page that came with my MS Office but before I started using it I looked around and this one looked pretty good.

Front Page is (at lest one of ) the absolute worst WYSIWYG I've heard of (I've even tried it, and others I've spoken to share my dis-like for FP) - it adds a gazilion redundant tags, uses lot's of < font > tags, < p > tags (sometimes not even closed! ), & nbsp ;
However, I haven't used any of the latest versions of it (and I won't ever do it) - reason: I can do it much faster and better with gvim than with some WYSIWYG. plus I get a heck lot of more controll, CSS + XHTML ( +JavaScript +(PHP +(mySQL)) ) should make one be able to do basically everything resonable to make a text file a respectable webpage.

(HTML = <SCREAMING_TAGS>, XHTML = <ear_eye_friendly_tags and="rules, no more sloopy &gt;p&lt; with out &gt;/p&lt;" /> ))
Posted on 2003-12-05 14:53:37 by scientica
Your probably right Scientica,

I really have no desire or interest in HTML or webpage design and implementation. I use FrontPage because it is easy and I paid for it anyway so I might as well use it. If it inserts alot of garbage in the page well, as long as it works I don't really mind at all and would be completely unaware even when looking at the source. For myself at any rate I will never take the time to learn HTML and certainly never waste my time typing in the code and testing it, with FrontPage I just drag and drop anything I want and that's the way it looks in the browser. If you want to see the output just look at the source from Donkey's Stable, it was generated with FrontPage.
Posted on 2003-12-05 15:55:47 by donkey
GVIM works well enough for me, but I have the same problem as E.I.B. I'm not a graphics artist... if I could get every page to look exactly the same on every machine I would be happy. If I could also get them to look good that would be a miracle.

I have made progress in this area though. PHP with Ming allows me to program Flash type stuff in PHP using GVIM. I don't know about the rest of you but "drag n' drop" things like Shockwave Director isn't always easy to operate for me, alot of the times I find simple code or mathematical representations alot easier to read ;)
Posted on 2003-12-06 12:48:30 by SpooK
Well Im an El-Cheapo when it comes to HTML. I dont want to pay for a bloated HTML suite just because I too find HTML annoying.

Well thanks to COM i found a solution (quick plug for COM :tongue: ). Well, VBA macros to be exact. I use MS Word and its built in VBA abilities to generate formated HTML quick and easy. I dont use the built in HTML crap because it rather lame in my opinion. Instead my macro was writen (rather sloppily) to parse the Document on a paragraph basis and depending on its class, stick in CSS html tags. The end result is a quick an easy way to whip up HTML pages that all look the same in a nice format as designed in you CSS file. Credit goes to Hiro who showed me initially why i should pay attention to all this stuff. With my tinkerings, i can now write tutorials quick and easy.

To demonstrate, I wipped up this tutorial, with my macro source, in about 4 minutes. If you can use it or come up with other STYLE solutions for things i have not designed for yet, please post them and reshare it (as im doing now). Again, i only designed for what I needed, there is lots of other stuff you can expand on with both the Macro source / Doc styles / and CSS general styles.

Lemme know what you think!
Hope you like!

Posted on 2003-12-07 15:23:05 by NaN