I am planning to build a real time strategy game in win32 asm, but i don't know where i should start and what i should know before starting whit the program, could anywone help me whit this?

Posted on 2003-12-07 10:34:24 by pyr0_mathic
Have a talk with BogdanOntanu, I believe hes the creator of Hostile Encounters, you can learn alot from him.:alright:
Posted on 2003-12-07 10:45:11 by Guy on ASM

Ask me :)

and check HE RTS demo at www.hostileencounter.com (fully in asm)

The path you want to walk is long and hard, but i enjoy walking on it...

Besides i was always wanting to write a tutorial about RTS game making,
so maybe now its a good time to start

I think you should know DirectX(DIrectDraw,DirectSound,DirectInput,DIrectPlay) basically if you want it 2D
and then D3D/OpenGL if you want to make it 3D

After that you should check pathfinding algorithms and coordinate units moving
Line of sight and shadows colculations also
Then is the Units AI and then the Computer AI
Then game design and game balance
Posted on 2003-12-07 14:01:46 by BogdanOntanu
The place to start is with the simple DX examples, regardless of 2D or 3D :) If you can't make a simple app that renders SOMETHING, all hope is lost...
Posted on 2003-12-07 23:52:00 by Homer
Yes indeed tray to make this simple stuff

0)Make a normal Win32 window application, check it is working ok (start, move, resize, close, menu)
on an option in menu do:

1)Init a DirectDraw object
2)Set Cooperative mode to full screen (exclusive)
3)Set DisplayMode lets say to 800x600x16bits
4)Create Primary Surface with one backbuffer
5)Create a OFFSCREENPLAIN surface of 256x256, use GetDC/LoadImage/BitBlt to load a bitmap from HDD into that surface

Make a loop (eventually on Peekmessage)
5)Clear the backbuffer with blue
6)Use ::Blt method to blit the offsecreen surface on backbuffer at 10,10
7)Flip Back buffer and PrimaryBuffers using ::Flip method

*) Exit on VK_ESC

Then change above so you can move the bitmap in a loop from 10,10 to 400,10
Posted on 2003-12-08 01:14:15 by BogdanOntanu

Posted on 2003-12-08 03:09:21 by pyr0_mathic

Besides i was always wanting to write a tutorial about RTS game making,
so maybe now its a good time to start

That would be great :alright:
Posted on 2003-12-10 06:35:50 by Eternal Idol Birmingham
Bogdan, you still live in the Dark Ages of DirectDraw, why not join us in D3D, even just for 3d-aided 2D rendering (isometric tiles) ?? Cross over to the dark side :)
Posted on 2003-12-13 02:24:50 by Homer