i have a server (tcp/ip) software, it will run on win2k3 server, 500+ clients (tcp/ip) will connect to my server ; now ; should i have win2k3 server with 500+ client licenses? (that's what microsoft requested!)?
should i have licenses for all clients connecting to my software, what if i write an web server, will i pay for anybody, that i dont know, because it connects to my server software..

Note : clients are industrial tcp/ip devices, they do not log-on to windows or whatever , just they connect to my server ip..

and for the same case, what if i use windows built-in radius server for authantication of clients?

Posted on 2003-12-08 08:46:48 by kamilh
Hrm, I don't know the details, but I'd be very surprised if you need to purchase any form of 'client licenses'.
The various windows versions have various kernel parameters tweaked to suit their role, including the max number of connected sockets, concurrent TransmitFile calls, etc... so my guess is that if your windows version can handle the clients, you shouldn't be required to purchase any additional licenses etc.
Posted on 2003-12-08 10:37:59 by f0dder
I think the Windows client licenses are only for the number of people having an account on the server box.
So it's only related to things like Active Directory/roaming profiles and such then. Things like webservers/ftp/etc should be free for all to use (they effectively just use a single anonymous/guest account).
Posted on 2003-12-08 10:46:26 by Bruce-li