Hi community :)

If i understood right, when dealing with Toolbar Creator(tbrcreate.exe), if "tip" or "flat" etc. checkbox is checked then this tool will write required info in .RC file without dealing with "Properties" window's style, exstyle etc. (right?)

In fact i was using much different way form this tool while doing this job but once i want to try this. But almost was tearing my hairs :) I couldnt get the tooltips and flat style. I checked everything but i couldnt think to look in .rc file for what is going on. Thus, i learned that either i am doing something wrong or ... not sure, ehm, only i have a few guess. Something wrong with this. But i also checked everything via the tutorial in ranma_at's web site (unfortunately finished examples link is not working so i couldnt checked it).

Abstract, i solved this by manually editing toolbar style(|TBSTYLE_TOOLTIPS etc) but couldnt understand what/how for that checkboxs on the TbrCreate.exe. Can somebody explain me? I am sorry seems this question is very simple but i like the tools which i fully understand.

Have a nice day
Posted on 2003-12-08 13:42:42 by cakmak
Hi cakmak

Tbrcreate does not modify the rc file. The checkboxes in Tbrcreate is only used when Tbrcreate also creates the toolbar with CreateWindowEx.

Posted on 2003-12-08 15:01:32 by KetilO
mmm thanks, this is sensible. Then, ranma_at's tutorial is not complate. And, i can use this in future :)

Posted on 2003-12-08 15:21:12 by cakmak
Hi Cakmak,

In the help file you will find an explanation of the toolbar creator, at the bottom it says:

When your done click Export, you will be asked to save your toolbar, the file that is created is for the use of the Toolbar creator only and not to be included in your program, it is only used to enable editing the toolbar using the Open button. The MASM code for the toolbar will be output to the text box at the bottom of the dialog. You can copy and paste it directly into your code.
Posted on 2003-12-08 15:54:02 by donkey
Hi Cakmak,

The tutorial samples are currently down, cause i had to change the folder management.
I will fix this. (or just add "/masm32/" in the link to reach the zip file )

I uploaded recently Nasm samples and the MASM32 codesection became bigger too.

I ll try to extend the toolbar creation tutorial, i had problems too getting the tooltips in the beginning.


Posted on 2003-12-09 03:05:23 by Ranma_at