Hi guys, I was just wondering if you had an example on how to sink events with multiple parameters ...

I've seen Ernie's example but it only seems to work with one parameter.

Is it possible to use the mswinsock.ocx control in assembly and respond to all the events as well as make use of all the methods?


Posted on 2003-12-09 13:27:35 by quaze
Hi quaze,

the event interfaces normally are dispinterfaces, so you would have to deal with IDispatch and its parameter list directly, which is awful. Thats the reason why I hide it all in macros. on my site you may find an example with receiving events. Theres a macro FIREEVENT() as well which does what its name says.

Of course you can use mswinsock in ASM and use all its functions. If not, COM wouldnt be a binary standard.

Posted on 2003-12-09 15:42:15 by japheth