I don't know if this post belongs here but here goes..

I have an idea for usage of AI - maybe Thomas can dwell on it, a spam remover - it 'watches' you remove junk emailings building up a filter and later on it you can have it remove it for you automatically. It can store the keystrokes and remember them, pulling up a window inserting name and password, go to inbox and go through each message - behind the scenes.

Allow the user to be able to set a threshold too, spam over % suspicious delete it. I envision it running like an MS agent, only more smarter and not as annoying. Is that hairbrained or what..
Posted on 2003-12-10 16:46:45 by drarem
Have it filter messages that have the subject intentionally misspelled to bypass simple filters as opposed to the ones with the common transposition mistakes etc... You will get 95% of the spam in one shot. Damn I wish I had something that would do that I'm tired of mail for "meeke ure pinees largure" :grin:
Posted on 2003-12-10 16:51:32 by donkey
Actually I thought of this several times as well. Most spam tools use some form of bayesian filtering, which works by keeping track of the words in e-mails and judging the probability of each word to be part of spam or not.
This method works pretty well but you do have to train them. Best would be to integrate that into the e-mail program but most (free) programs miss that integration. Tracking keystrokes etc. is probably not the best way of integration, it's too hackish. For mozilla thunderbird it would probably be easier with its plugin support..

Posted on 2003-12-11 12:41:41 by Thomas