Could someone help me interpret the following line ?


I'm converting the WinIoCtl.h to an inc file for use with MASM
and don't understand what a long 'V' is supposed to be. This
file is included with the February 2003 SDK.
Posted on 2003-12-11 14:24:29 by anon
Courtesy of Four-F
Posted on 2003-12-11 14:40:22 by mrgone
Thank you for bringing that to my attention. But it is only
a small part of the original h file. I have almost the entire
file converted except for that line.
Posted on 2003-12-11 14:50:07 by anon

Correct me if I am wrong.
Posted on 2003-12-11 23:22:40 by roticv
'V' is a character constant. I'd say

IOCTL_VOLUME_BASE = 000000056h ; 'V'
Posted on 2003-12-12 00:05:41 by Dr. Manhattan
I was wondering the same thing. I will try it
and see if it works. Thanks.
Posted on 2003-12-12 09:34:56 by anon