How to force RadAsm to substitute names of the members of structure in FASM?
For example:
The type of structure is determined:
struc MenuRes {
.Capt: times 100 db 0
.Poz dd 0
.PopUpPoz dd 0
.uFlag dd 0
.size = $ - .mii
}; MenuRes
The members such as structure are correctly defined(determined) in properties and InfoTool.
If to enter from the keyboard:
The window with the members of structure will appear, but if to enter:
mrs MenuRes
The window with the members of structure does not occur.
Posted on 2003-12-12 00:23:29 by pas
Hi pas

The reason is that the fasm syntax offers no easy way to parse structure variable definitions.

mrs MenuRes

will not be recognized by RadASM.

Posted on 2003-12-15 04:48:07 by KetilO
If to define(determine) a variable of a type structure at once after a type definition of structure:
struc My {
.f dd 0
.d dd 0
}; My
; ends
mi My
mu My
That at a keyboard input "mi." there is a window with the members of structure. There was only one inconvenience: the members of structure are inserted together with "." before a name of the member. Whether probably to make so, what RadAsm would not insert a point?
Posted on 2003-12-20 03:44:16 by pas