If someone know how these programs work, help me, please.
The problem is:
I choose a process, open it by "OpenProcess" with "PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS (1F0FFFh)". Then I use "VirtualQueryEx" for scan process' memory. But when the adress is 0 (and not only for 0-adress), it returns 0 (I mean there isn't any written data in transferred buffer). But when "O'Matic" does similar operations, it's O.K. (1Ch bytes with right data). :(
What's wrong and what should I do?
Posted on 2003-12-12 11:23:40 by nskSem
Hi nskSem. :)
I haven't used this particular APIs much, but IMHO the call is failing because no valid address has a value <= 0xFFFF (65535 in decimal). That is, 0 is a NULL pointer. IMHO you should use a pointer to the target process address space. Programs like ArtMoney and the such only show you the relative address, so in that case an address of 0 really means "the first byte in the process memory space". (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
Posted on 2003-12-12 12:33:11 by QvasiModo
erm virtualqueryex will only tell you about the memory 'pages'
to get the data contained in a valid memory block you must use
writeprocessmemory or similar code to actually retrieve the data
contained at the memory address
Posted on 2003-12-12 13:43:24 by evlncrn8
Close to the edge with such an subject....
Posted on 2003-12-12 14:29:11 by BogdanOntanu
but still reasonable, I'd say.

Virtual Offsets vs. relative offests... ie, 0x1000 vs 0x401000. Read/WriteProcessMemory. OpenProcess or CreateProcess with the correct flags.

VirtualQuery is if you want to search the process memory space (including heap, etc) for values. Injecting code in the process + GetProcessHeap should also get you a far way.
Posted on 2003-12-12 18:44:09 by f0dder
Afternoon, nskSem.

From the board rules:
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You're wanting to RE a game so that you can modify its data?

Not in here, thanks.

Posted on 2003-12-12 20:30:21 by Scronty