anyone know of a cd-r bootloader written that can handle one
following interfaces for interactive debug/program loading...

1. USB to RS232 - needed to provide a "console"
like port
for debugging and slower uploading (~115kbit) ( must write the sw
for the PS2 end with a specific USB-RS232 converter in mind

2. USB to USB on a PC - software needed on both ends - since the USB
is embedded in the IOP - would need a register map and specs for
the interface
3. 1394 AKA Firewire - for debug/load to a PC based dev machine running linux or w*nblows.
Likely TCP over 1394 would be preferable to something else interface - not a stock part since it's build in to the IOP
4. the expansion port of the PS2 likely carries most of the processor
bus so grafting
a uart or cheap isa-style ethernet chip like the REALTEK etc might be
using well known hardware and linux drivers as a basis. still need
pinouts and timing
for the connector in order to design and build a socketed board,
with a rom to avoid
the need for a boot disc - assuming Sony put in a way for "extra"
bios-roms to execute

If i was willing to wait for the IDE/PCMCIA carrier to be released by
Sony, which
must contain PCMCIA bridge and IDE interface (likely custom), there are
several other
options that open up:
5. ETHERNET - using a standard (ie ne2000 clone) pcmcia ether card,
or whichever card SONY makes/relabels and forces us to buy
I would need to write or borrow (linux) drivers, tcp stacks etc, but
hard part
would be the PCMCIA bridge code - though I expect Sony would need a
unless the system board rom already new about the carrier.
6. IDE - dual port an IDE interface to allow a PC to r/w to the PS2 IDE
We would need to be able to mount and interpret whatever filesystem
decides to implement
on the IDE drive - and be able to reliably write to it.
Posted on 2003-12-13 05:00:18 by d3c3pt4c0n