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Alright, i am working on a console network tool. I have ran into a problem. How do i recieve notification of events that occur. since i am writing a console program i don't have the main window messaging loop. Is there some other way to check to see if there is an event waiting besides registering my hWnd with winsock?

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Posted on 2003-12-13 20:56:47 by jakor
Posted on 2003-12-14 02:19:03 by evlncrn8
I wrote a console-based AOL client not too long (only sent IMs and mail), but what I did was call AllocConsole, then initialize winsock, then create a new thread that handled all the communications with the socket in blocking mode. All the handling for my console interface was done in the main thread, but sending and receiving data was done in the helper thread (and I just called WriteConsole to output any data to the console from the helper thread).

This reply might be a little late, but if you're around to check it, I hope it helps.
Posted on 2004-01-10 15:45:22 by tomdfx