I don't mean to be a cry baby but MS Drag and Drop is full of crap. Now I am really mad. I DID IT ALL ... I used Icz tute to get the handle for DragDropQuery "IT WORKS" and got the name of file dragged in an edit box, and I did CreateFile among 50 other things BUT IT DO NOTHING. That file will do nothing as long as it is in that box and program. It Lock out All other Coding.

I FOUNDED that if you want it contiune accepting the rest of your code you would have to cut that text to ClipBoard and put it in another window, re-write the rest of your code for that window... IT WILL THAN WORK to run the rest of your coding. ONLY than you will be able to do whatever you want with it. I don't want to put it in another window. Thats no fun.


But now how do I do this.....

Do someone know how to cut WM_DRAGDROP thread OFF or any other THREAD of so that your code can continue to do it job....Also, Can anyone code CreateFile from Clipboard. Just Do a WM_DRAGDROP and see for yourself. Sorry about the long note but it been pure HELL for these pass few days. I'm carm down now...

HOW TO: CreateFile from Clipboard
HOW TO: CreateFile from Clipboard
HOW TO: CreateFile from Clipboard

Thanks Guys Sorry about the long note
Posted on 2001-10-28 14:33:50 by cmax
I just have to use a quick invisible popup program to do it. It took me 5 days-18 hours per day to face reality of using something out side my main exe. I'll keep this post up just incase someone needs an idea to work with.
Posted on 2001-10-29 03:56:41 by cmax
Maybe that's why windows always slows to a crawl everytime I do tons of file drag-n-drops. Using cut-n-paste is faster. I'm talking about in the file explorer - I'm not sure about your app - not sure what your trying to do? DragFinish don't help that?
Posted on 2001-10-29 04:36:44 by bitRAKE
Hey bitRAKE
I got things going very well now. I founded that you can use buffers to cut away from window holding process's and then you can do what every you want with the file. (But somethimes you got to break away from Windows controlling threads)

I guest that is the secrete and beurty of Assembler. Now I can get a list of every movement that was made on my computer when others use it and move juck around among other things. When I am finish with my project every active member on this board will get a free copy and some tips. Could not have done it without you.

If you got a lot of dragDrop in your program use create file and use your own buffers and rebuid your program. I am not 100% sure of what i am talking about but Assembler allow you to do things much faster than Windows so break away when ever posible when building a program. I am going to deffenely make a zip and sent it to Icz when I am finish. I think it will prove very useful and give new ideas when programming. Vacation over. 5 Days of Hell now it time to go back to work to make some bread.
It was worth it...
Posted on 2001-10-29 23:30:47 by cmax