it's a htmlized (as in files) version of the FAQ forum + attachments

edit: the idea is that you'd have the full forum like this (+ attachments)
Posted on 2003-12-16 16:27:24 by Hiroshimator
wow is that entire website for offline-viewing or what? btw, it needs some work with the colors and layout bro.
Posted on 2003-12-16 17:24:31 by evil__donkey
I like it

Indeed i would like an option to have it "green text on black background" but i can live with it as it is now
Posted on 2003-12-16 19:41:15 by BogdanOntanu
browsers like mozilla can do this for you ... (change the colours)
Posted on 2003-12-16 23:12:22 by latte
that's why it's got a css file with it :P

well I need some suggestions how you'd like lay-out and colors and such for easiest reading
Posted on 2003-12-17 02:00:05 by Hiroshimator
Afternoon, Harold.

The layout is just fine, and it works great.

As for the colour scheme:
Perhaps a few members could modify their own versions of board.css and supply this thread with the variations they come up with? That way, people can just come here and download whatever colour scheme (board.css) they wish.

Posted on 2003-12-17 02:40:10 by Scronty
I'll put up a more board like css soon :P

the biggest problem currently is that it has no inherent searching capabilities and it's pretty big (about 187MB)
Posted on 2003-12-17 03:46:46 by Hiroshimator
you should test using an html compressor IMHO. that will drastically reduce file size. plus use powerarchiver's maximum cab compression and create a self-extracting archive. it will be almost half the size of the zip archive. hope this helps.
Posted on 2003-12-17 05:17:41 by evil__donkey
it's still big though :)

In a few days I'll go through the keep threads section to see if it had enough response to keep this feature.
But deletion of threads wouldn't hurt if they were duplicate ones.
Posted on 2003-12-17 07:32:04 by Hiroshimator
EDIT: best compression is 107MB (7zip)

I'm wondering wether I should include forums like masm32, fasm, HLA and the IDE forums since they deal with 'current' products (is there any use to keeping old info about older versions?)
Posted on 2003-12-17 08:05:06 by Hiroshimator
The board for offline browsing -- excellent!

EDIT: best compression is 107MB (7zip)

I'm wondering wether I should include forums like masm32, fasm, HLA and the IDE forums since they deal with 'current' products (is there any use to keeping old info about older versions?)

Yes, definitely!

These forums contain more than just "old info about older versions". A quick glance over the FASM forum revealed much current and up-to-date stuff (code and macros, user-provided side-tools, lists of constants etc). In addition, quite a few threads there started with questions related to the particular assembler, but then evolved into a discussion of general, assembly-related topics (dealing with the stack, calling conventions, code and data alignment, etc). I would assume that the same holds for the other forums in question. It would be a pity not to keep them.

May I propose to split the 107MB package into a "core" zipfile comprising the live messageboard forums, and "add-on" zipfiles for each of the old forums (for those who want them)?

While I'm at it: why not offer separate zipfiles for each of the messageboard's forums?

Regards (and thank you for your work),

Posted on 2003-12-17 10:23:48 by Frank
well, the offering is a problem at its own that needs to be investigated.

I have no means to really offer a 100+MB file to you all right now, not via this host :notsure:
Posted on 2003-12-17 10:28:34 by Hiroshimator
perhaps a major cleanup and filtering of the scattered information is required.
Posted on 2003-12-17 10:48:28 by evil__donkey
When I first read, i like the separation of the threads, but when I enter to a thread, I only take a superficial view, and by this, I discard all the post that have white brackground, discarting they by the color the same that the background, I only read the post tht have #FFEFD5 color. Then I see a more large part in white, and I say, stop a moment, this white spaces are post too ;), I dont know what I think was the white spaces, but I discard them the first time I read, i sugest other color tht not need be white (for first read).

"add-on" zipfiles for each of the old forums (for those who want them)?

I think for each board :D, like the above that you provide, and would help for the dialers connections;).

When you provide the main index page, I think you should modify by hand or some, because what?

I have the index with all the forums listed, but I dont have all the folders of the forums, if I click in one tht I dont have the folder, i will get the "cannot be dysplayed" warning. And I say, hey I whant read this board, but I need go to the page for see where I can download it. Here you have two posible ways:

a) provide a separte file with direct links to your files (separated by forums), and at the bottom of forums.htm provide a link to where to download.

b) make a array of strings and the respective link to downloads, and display for each link to a local folder provide at the right side a link that say for download the respective forum.


Nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-12-17 11:11:57 by rea
aaa, and for the search, I think some ( :D) need make a application, have a ini file, that have the names of the forums, listed in order, from 0 to X, this will serve for search only in the specific folder for give a name for n folder.

? If you whant search only by thread, then you only need watch at the file nFolder/threads.htm
? If you whant search by forum, you provide the ini file, for name nFolder, also here the application can watch if you can search in that forum (whatch the existense of the folder and posible the thread.htm)

A little parser for separate in a file with the markups, the:
a) <span class="username">name of the user</span>
b) <div class="posttext">text to be searched</div>

We only need what is inside of the tags.

a is for search by username and b is for search for this text.

also this application can be for help to see wath forums I dont have, and for what post I was read or put notes, etc.

?? also can be provided a file attachment, maybe a text for search... dunno

providing this application will help only for search in the specific files that you have in you PC, and not give you problems defining a search feature, that will have all the words (defined at server side.. or hiro side ;) ), but when you link, maybe you have or not the forum ...., in a not complete board you will be providing a lot of broken links. at the PC side.

Also added to search for attachments, you can search for refered pages <a href="this_is_the_link">name</a>, and list all, be forum or a complete list, a little add to this can be make a conecction for the site, only requesting the existense of the page, and watch for the answer of the server, and you can put a icon at the side that put if the link is usable, page not found, etc. This will help in not check each link by yourself

Nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-12-17 11:35:42 by rea
my biggest problem is the fact that there are 3788 attachments so far

those take a huge amount of space and really need to be evaluated :/

for your information, the 7zip compressed file of only the html (so only the forum text) is a measely 10MB :notsure:
Posted on 2003-12-18 18:07:03 by Hiroshimator
I guess I need suggestions for a big cleaning operation :|
Posted on 2003-12-18 18:17:10 by Hiroshimator
you don't need to clean html tags using a custom parser hgb, you can use Ultra-Edit or Textpads regexp search and replace feature to do it for you. FAR is also a good search and replace thingy. To clean up HTML and CSS, you should use HTML Tidy.

if i hadn't got myself a cdma connection i would have tried to help you out with the filtering. hope you get it solved.
Posted on 2003-12-18 18:22:58 by evil__donkey
rename this file's extension to .css

it's got colors like this messageboard

cdma connection?
Posted on 2003-12-18 18:23:27 by Hiroshimator
yeah i use a qualcomm cdma cellular phone to connect to the internet.
Posted on 2003-12-18 18:25:52 by evil__donkey