well, you are my target audience then :)

I really need to find a solution to accomodate very slow connections
Posted on 2003-12-18 18:41:53 by Hiroshimator
evil__donkey mmmm, I think I dont explain hood in the last post, I am not whanting a clean of the post, I am whanting a application for search in my local repository.

My sugestion is the next.

Make an application that can handle the search like in this board, by text, by user,and by topic, only selecting specific forums (checked box, not only one forum like list box), and a good feature can be search for links and for attachments the points 1) and 2) are the 'requisites' for the application.

A good thing that will be for help for the search for links, is that the application make a test for each link finded, and show you an icon if the page can be displayed or not.

1)this link dosent exist
2)The board

1 will be displayed with a icon that mark like cn not be showed. and 2 with a ok icon...., also the will be listed the post, forum, autor, etc..., also you can order them by url, and see if in diferent post the link is provided, then in this you can mark when you visit the link like readed, important, interesting, frustrating ;), etc.. or any other category, like to read, etc....

For the attachments, you can we use the same application, for do this, and check for each post if you already downloaded that attachment.

Or provide a list of attachments, then when you whant a attachment, you only need find the correct file in the list, with the application this can be more fast, because you can download specific attachments.


I am now thingin in the appliction, not only like a searcher, alsolike a organizator tool or administrative, in this way you can download the attachments when you whant, also Hiro maybe 1 time for year whant to do a update, and the application will show the new files, or only downlpoad the new ones... dunno ;)

Have a nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-12-19 13:53:46 by rea