Hi all,

This is a Beta version to test

What's new:

1.WinAsm renamed to WinAsm Studio.

2.Brand New set of Images (Thanks PhoBos)

3.TAB-->Indent, Shift TAB-->Outdent (Thanks JohnhyQuest)

4.Some minor bug fixes and improvements

5.Resource Editor:
(Thanks Manos, maCo, Dmitry, PhoBos, JohnhyQuest and many others!)

-WinAsm can be used as a standard Windows Resource Editor.

You can use the Visual Resource Editor

1.By associating your RC files with WinAsm
2.Open your RC Fiels from the command prompt
3.Open your RC file from File-Open Files and then choose it from the Window menu.
4.From the Explorer (ex Project Explorer) double click on any rc file (if you have more than one in your Project)

-Controls shown exactly as they should be (e.g. disabled)
-Dialog units are EXACT.
-Menu item levels are checked on pressing OK.
-Recognizes XP Manifests.
-Pressing Right mouse button while trying to create a new or move an existing control/dialog cancels the operation
-Flicker-free Dialog editor and all other Dialogs (menu editor,Accelerator editor etc).
-Pick the Window styles easily.

-Properties List editing does not reflect changes for dialog pos and size, Name, ID, Caption
-Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste.
-Lock Controls
-Resources list cannot be edited yet
-String Table cannot be edited yet

Looking forward to suggestions/bug reports



PS You can download from the WinAsm forum
Posted on 2003-12-18 09:37:14 by akyprian