Grumble. Reading through the intel pentium3 manuals, I've found
a couple of nice Model-Specific Registers useful in debugging/tracing.
The one I'm drooling most over right now is the "BTF flag in the
DebugCtlMSR register." When you enable it, and TF in eflags, you'll
get an int1. Not on every instruction, but only on a branch, interrupt,
or exception. This could turn out very useful when defeating encryptors
or packers, when looking (tracing) for the original entrypoint. And
why would you want to do this? Defeating polymorphic virii. Unpacking
a suspicious file and looking at it before you run it. Et cetera.

Now, the problem is... I haven't been able to find any reference on
the MSRs supported by the athlon family of processors. There's a bit
here and there (TSC, syscall mechanism, etc), but I haven't been
able to find a full list :/. I guess I should "just" do some code to
test this out, but it would be sweeter if anyone could direct me to
a list of oficially supported MSRs. and weren't exactly useful.
Posted on 2001-10-29 00:30:09 by f0dder
Same here, but for the Crusoe? ;)

I know there is a detailed list, just can't remember where I saw it. Arrrg!
Posted on 2001-10-29 01:20:48 by bitRAKE
Look at it this way f0dder, at least you can make toast on it. :)

Posted on 2001-10-29 03:00:47 by hutch--
I'm afraid I can't, hutch. At least not without severely overclocking
it. It doesn't get any hotter than lukewarm. Ok, so it would
help if I took off the heatsink ;).

Now, if anybody knows about MSR lists for other than intels own
processors feel free to post..
Posted on 2001-10-29 04:27:19 by f0dder