How to save my Desktop as Bitmap in Tasm by using Windows98 ?
Possible a Reader know a old code snippet for that :-)

Thank you !

ps: do this work in actual 3d games or do i need to learn something about directx ?
id like to get images of actual gameplay.
Posted on 2003-12-21 20:03:16 by xanthos
the steps to do this are as follows:

    [*]use CreateDC with the first paramter a pointer to the string "DISPLAY"
    [*]Use GetDeviceCaps on the returned DC to get width, height and bits per pixel
    [*]create a compatable DC using CreateCompatable DC wich will be the DC we copy the screen contents to
    [*]fill in BITMAPINFOHEADER stucture
    [*]use CreateDIBSection to create a bitmap in memory
    [*]use SelectObject to select the bitmap into the second dc
    [*]use BitBlt to copy the bitmap from the screen to the bitmap in memory
    [*]fill in BITMAPFILEHEADER stucture and write it to the bitmap file
    [*]Write BITMAPINFOHEADER structure to the file
    [*]then write the bitmap color data and bitmap bits to the file.
Posted on 2003-12-22 00:49:44 by ENF