I know, that my idea is somehow stupid, but still. I just want to ask you if it is possible to implement this in theory (and I hope I will do this in practice).
The idea is the following: as far as I know, all Windows -based systems use the SWAP file, that is maintanded by the VCACHE driver. I have disassembled this driver and got to know, that it uses the CPU exception (as I remeber # 14 (0eH) - No Memory Page). When this occurs, Windows remaps the page from the swap file to the memory and clears the execption.
My idea is the following: to implement the driver and the server. Driver will create the logical device in the server's memory, create the phantom drive there, and will wait for the incoming connections. The client station, when there is a need in the extra memory will establish the connection with the server and ask it for the swap file. The jeneral idea is^ to pplace the SWAP file on the over machine's memory, instead of your own hard drive.

So I want to ask you: is it possible? I know, that it _may_ work just in the small networks, but still? I think, it might be useful when there is a great need to have some shared memory, bu you can't get an extra DIMM module.
Posted on 2001-10-29 03:24:00 by Maestro
I think it's possible. However, you need a win9x machine as a server which is not a good choice. Win9x is not meant to be used as a server.
Disk space is very cheap nowadays so I don't see much advantage in your scheme unless your workstation is diskless.
Posted on 2001-10-29 06:05:21 by Iczelion
Memory is even cheaper, so sod swapfiles!

Hell its almost worth upgrading just to have a RAM drive to run stuff off if your box is up long enough.

Posted on 2001-10-29 06:11:07 by Mirno
First, the server would need a LOT of memory, if it's not supposed
to page your logical device. Second, if you need more than a single
machine, 100mbit will not be enough. Third, more than a few machines
will put an amazingly heavy load on the server, if they swap enough.
And they probably will, if they don't have much ram.

It would be easier, and probably also cheaper, to buy a few more
ram modules for the boxes :).

But hey, it's an interesting idea nevertheless :alright: .
Posted on 2001-10-29 06:20:12 by f0dder