What is the difference between dx8 and 9
or is it better to use 8
Posted on 2003-12-23 11:53:47 by Tweak
Unfortunately there's no masm library for dx9.0. So you have to use 8.1 Dx 9.0 is just a bit upgraded 8.1 version. Vertex shader version has changed; some slight architectural changes have been made. But from the global point of view there're no big differences. Most data types ended with '8' (e.g. LPDIRECT3DVERTEXBUFFER8) in dx 8.1, now they end with '9'. It took me half an hour to port my 3d sample program (about 10 pages of C code) from 8.1 to dx 9.0.The ninth version seems more or less complete to me.
Posted on 2003-12-23 14:50:13 by Vaxon