Hi there. I tried to create some sort of shell like an ssh connection for windows so I can give commands to command.com or cmd.exe from a remote computer.
If i start (for example) ping.exe in "ping www.google.nl" then it is possible to echo the information to a file and then send the file to the shell by adding " > temp.txt". But I would rather use a different way so if I use the command "ping www.google.nl -t". I can't use CTRL+C to terminate the invinite loop that this command created. If I use the way of " > temp.txt" so my question is : "Is there a way to hook command.com or cmd.exe to my shell so i can can give realtime commands?"
Posted on 2003-12-24 07:46:50 by Alex de Vries
create a networkpipe
Posted on 2003-12-24 08:47:12 by ENF
Thanks, i'll try
Posted on 2003-12-27 08:56:14 by Alex de Vries
"ping -t", hrm.

Btw, I believe there are problems with network piping and 16bit dos apps - I can't remember the details, nor whether this applied to 9x or 2k, but it's something to look into if you want to do generic cross-windows stuff.
Posted on 2003-12-27 09:26:45 by f0dder

Have a look at what a telnet program does but be aware that you have some problems with what you try and run by this method. You can get a program on a remote computer to run but have no way to shut it down if you start the wrong type of program.

Posted on 2003-12-27 10:14:09 by hutch--