I tryed to do some collision test for my programm, I have searched in internet and BAH! I have found a nice site about vector math
which is very useful when you do collision test:


It explains almost everything about matrixes, vectors, and has got some formulas
But its not have source codes, even for C++

I hope these lessons will help yo understand these Vectors :cool:

PS: I searched this forum, and it not has this link
Posted on 2003-12-24 13:23:05 by zabnik
The site asks more questions than it answers.
If you are trying to detect collisions of the Camera in your BSP world, your life is easy because the BSP already contains the Planes of Surfaces. All you need to do is perform a Plane/Point test to find out which side of the Plane the Point is sitting.
I must admit I was disappointed to see you did not walk the bsp tree in your Render code !! Isn't this the whole point of BSP? :tongue:
Posted on 2003-12-28 00:20:09 by Homer