Hi guys, I am basically playing around with OpenGL and I have written some code to do Matrix-Matrix, Matrix-Vector multiplication also some functions to generate various matricies, but I take a flat box for example and rotate it in the y direction, it seems to rotate around the viewer and not its y axis, am I doing something wrong, the y rotation matrix is as follows:

;Y rotation Matrix
;cos(a) 0 -sin(a) 0
;0 1 0 0
;sin(a) 0 cos(a) 0
;0 0 0 1

Should I do something special?
Posted on 2003-12-24 19:35:57 by x86asm
First translate, then rotate...

And use glRotate.
Posted on 2003-12-24 19:57:10 by minimoog
Posted on 2003-12-24 23:46:07 by disavowed