Hello, please help me.

I want to get my students interested in assembler programming. I did some assembler a long time ago and I have forgetton much of it (although I did enjoy it ) I normally teach electronics and high level languages but I feel that learning some 8086 would be very useful experience for my students.

Here's the problem: the college will not give me any money and so I am constrained to freeware (as opposed to shareware). Ideally I would like the assembler to go on the network but this takes alot of time and I have to jump through all kinds of hoops etc. I therefore would like to install the software on about 20 PCs individually and effectively bypass the network "police". Some software installs OK, other software reports that you need system admin access etc.

Finally, something with an emulator would be ever better, I saw a program called emu8086 and it look great but it is commercial ....

Any help would be most appreciated, thank you very much

Posted on 2003-12-27 04:14:16 by Geoff

A number of universities are using my MASM32 package to teach 32 bit assembler. While a lot of it may not be what you are after as it is fully GUI capable, it can do some very simple console mode code in 32 bit which was aimed at making simple stuff a lot easier to learn.

You can get the package from www.masm32.com and you can get the later service pack from the www.masmforum.com in the MASM32 subforum.

Give me a yell if you need any help.
Posted on 2003-12-27 04:25:22 by hutch--
Thanks, I shall give it a go !
Posted on 2003-12-27 11:14:58 by Geoff
You can also give fasm a try. In fact there are quite a number of free assembler like nasm, fasm,rosasm and masm.
Posted on 2003-12-27 12:09:43 by roticv
HLA was designed by a former university lecturer to teach beginners assembly language who already knew a high level language. More information at http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/AoA.html
Posted on 2003-12-27 12:39:42 by Odyssey
I also design electronics and have been programming PC's off and on since the days of the PC XT and even did some CP/M programming before that, all in assembler. I've tried many assembly language packages and I find Hutche's MASM to be the best in my opinion. I also know that the support is excellent with Iczelion's tutorials and this board for question and answers.
Posted on 2003-12-28 13:03:03 by mrgone
Thank you all !
Posted on 2003-12-28 15:10:21 by Geoff